A Modern Country Wedding

I'm so pleased to write this post and tell you about the wedding day and my lovely friends who became husband and wife. We know both of these young people and believe they will make a great pair and we'll see them often.

Our lifestyles in this beautiful valley are unique for sure and many of us are leaving behind the conventions of large and expensive weddings. These two friends made such a gorgeous day and lots good time with a simple and modern country wedding.

The look of love on Micaela's face spells a wedding in our future I'd say, but shoosh! Micaela is our oldest son Jon's girlfriend. Our youngest son looks on with a smile on his face. The quilt on the wall is one of mine to celebrate recent renovations to Round Lake Hall.

Cristina coming down the isle on her own, she is lovely in her beaded simple, but stunning strapless gown!

Cristina has a great sense of humor and this shows it! A modern country wedding is about laying back, enjoying a few beers and having a good time.

Jordon and Cristina exchanging their vows and rings! Happy couple, congrats you two. I'll show you guys a photo of Jordon and Cristina with their wedding quilt really soon, after they are  back from their honeymoon!

This is the last photo I took as I was still working on this quilt until the day before the wedding.

I temporarily moved into the kitchen to free motion quilt it.

A really modern pieced  back and its ready for the binding!

This is the flimsy before I quilted it.

A few beers, chatting and catching up beside Round Lake.



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