Walking with our Sisters Project

Sometimes life just rolls along like a horse at gallop speed. You are a busy person, doing your job, playing with fabric, keeping to my soup diet, even though you've  hit a snag of feeling very hungry. Then you open your email inbox and you find a delightful message of heartfelt familiar message on recycling and wastefulness.

A reader of mine contacted me about the wastefulness that she's when in a thrift shop she discovers lovely quilted items, some finished and some unfinished. While its a delight to find them and take them home with you as this reader did as shown in the photo above. It reminds you that your life of making quilt after quilt will come to an abrupt end and someone will have to remove your precious fabric into something for either a garage sale, to family members or to a thrift shop.

But if you take the time to write a will and include what you want done with all your fabric and quilting supplies, its a very important step ladies! and gents!

Yes, do take the time to write down your instructions on how your family or friends will find proper homes for your quilting stuff. But getting back to the wasteful part of this, is it wasteful if someone who loves your quilts buys them and takes care of them?

When you make a quilt, even the ladies out there who can pump out a quilt top flimsey in a weekend, its still your time, spirit and you love the art of quilting, make sure its in your will what you want done with your fabrics, your unfinished projects.

Imagine all these little  unfinished projects, left alone to fall into a stranger's hands. I can only hope that someone as kind and gentle as my new blogger friend Celine Mackenzie Vukson. She wrote a touching story to me of how she found her lovely projects at the thrift store.

Thank goodness my stash of new and re-purposed fabric would fall into the hands of family, friends and quilt loving strangers who will love your unfinished work as much as you do.

Thanks to Celine for that lovely story and being the inspiration for this post. Celine's first quilt is below. Let's welcome First Nations women into the circle of quilting and sharing.

Special thank you to Celine for sharing these photos and inviting us who are not First Nations into this project. Thank you!

I'm really glad to get to know Celine a tiny bit over the Internet, if you want to see the lovely "Vamps"
she and others across Canada who have made a set of vamps for moccasins and donated them to the project of Walking With Our Sisters.

I'm so glad that I met with Celine online and then I googled her name and then suddenly this meaningful project came into my knowing about it.

I urge you to visit this web site and watch the video, read about the very important project.

All the best,



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