Schooling at Home

Most of you don't know that I was a Teacher Mom at home with two wiley coyote boys. Yep, I know about mud, rocks and snakes who happen along the couch! I accepted the awesome responsibility of teaching our own kids.

I have several close friends who are teachers working in some system somewhere. I was not taught the conventional way and I guess it rubbed off on me. 

For years in my childhood, my parents had farms that were not really close to any town. We were loners, happily going about our farming lifestyle! Horses were a daily part of the work and play. I did correspondence school via the mail.

Our sons are now grown and we love it daily that they are still as close as we ever were. They don't live in the same area or even in the same province, but we remain close.

Like this braiding above, we are knit together like a rug, hand made and lovingly cared for, we grew together. This is the most clear memory we all took from our years of schooling at home.

Here we are a couple of winters ago, playing our favorite family game, Scrabble!

Hope you are all having a good day, I'm grooving along stitching....



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