Sunday, March 16, 2014

"Oh Canada Crazy Quilt" Update

I have a passion for crazy quilting. This is no surprise to all of you who read my blog posts regularly! But do you remember the posting I did on the Oh, Canada Flag Crazy Quilt? If not I'll post you a link later on. Anyway,  I made and gave away my 'Oh, Canada Flag Crazy Quilt' to Nathan Cullen. I knew that as soon as I made this quilt, that it really belonged in the company of a great leader. How I knew this is beyond me. I'm no clairvoyant.

Even as I played with the fabric in the creation process, I could tell the quilt was whispering to me, that it was glad I was making it and it longed to go onto to great things.

I have great faith in Nathan Cullen, Skeena- Bulkley Valley MP who represents the citizens of this northern B.C. riding. I believe that he will make a difference in our nation.

Nathan is a busy man as you can only imagine as a Member of Parliament of Canada and a husband of his lovely wife and father to two boys!

He handed to me a ready to be frame photo of him standing in front of the quilt. It now resides in his office in Ottawa, Ont. Canada. So if anyone of you is visiting our fair capital city of Canada, do pop in to see this quilt and meet Nathan Cullen. You'll remember it for your whole life. He is the most engaged politician in everyday issues and the most serious threats to our environment, all the while he's in touch with the need to improve our economy. 

Additions to my quilty work include more blocks on the Log Cabin.

All the best, this warm and sunny spring day in Bulkley Valley.


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