CQA 2014- New Winter Crazy, you'll be delighted!

Hello my faraway friends!

It snowed  here last night and its fitting that I'm still feeling like I'm hibernating and so this Crazy Quilt Along is still going along and has taken new turns as it has evolved.

So welcome to my blog and a little about me, Carli the quilter, I'm still on my Fat Burning Soup and working on slow quilting these days. 

But I'm really happy to share with you the finished Winter Block that will become part of the "Four Seasons Crazy Quilt" where the participants will make four crazy quilting blocks and learning and stretching to step up your game!

Now earlier in the year, I posted a different winter crazy block and I was working on it, but it lost its flavor to me, something about it was just not working for me. Its speaking a different language and needs a vacation in my sewing room. 

There is something weird about this block?

It could be that it was formed and done while I was under pain in a very severe way. When I look at this block it says darkness and disorganization and maybe that was my state of mind?

It needs a lot more love! Let me know what you think about the connection between pain and creation?



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