Repurposfully Beautiful Crazy Quilt

 I'm doing the experiment of not buying new fabric and I'm almost two months into it and I've been quilting and still no need for anything new.

Its called Fabriholics Anonymous, I tracked the start of this neat idea to the lovely Rebecca Lynne of Making Rebecca Lynne Blog, who admits she placed it out there on the sparkling and static Internet world to read. Her friend, the lovely Jess of The Elven Garden the receiver of the suggestion, was on board. 

I learned about it shortly afterwards and then posted about it on this blog. I even included this photo in the first post, but hand on

But what I didn't share was that the photo of green bins really contains 100% re-purposed fabric directly from clothing and a small amount of it is new that was donated to me.

But for some reason, I didn't suggest it because its just not sexy!

As a blogger of the quilt world, I've learned that most quilters or readers want to read something that is sexy and attractive. In other words for those of you are wondering where I'm going with this, why do we call new fabric bundles and FQ's eye candy? Its because many of us are looking for sponsors and so many more of us, are able to pay for brand new fabric. 

So I ask you, which would you rather read about, if we're really being honest?

 I feel I slipped on my honesty of what really drives me and this is part of why I just don't care for this last damn Winter Block! Its got so much brand new fabric in it. Not like the block below? Its mostly reused from some pretty nice clothing. I gathered some awesome sassy type clothing labels which I embroider into sometime in the future.

Let me see, is any of this chevron braid new, oh yes, its the second up on the left, that shadowy rusty red colored fabric, but everything else is repurposed!

Oh there is another new fabric with the green gecko, right above this sentence.

This center block of "Beach House Crazy Quilt" that participated this past year in the O Canada special exhibit with International Quilt Festival and Market.

So there I have it, I've figured it out! I just wasn't totally pumped about my first winter block, so I'm going to do it over again, a whole new block to come, wait, that would make me behind?

OH, oh, carlithequilter is messing around again!



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