Fat Burning Soup Central-lost another 5 lbs

Wow, I am amazed!!

I'm continuing on with this great way to lose weight. The fabulous fat burning soup is without a doubt the easiest way to lose weight for me. I'm on day 5 of the second week, no cheating, no craving and I still have three more days of the diet and I've already lost another 5 lbs.

Its been a wee  bit cold lately in North Western BC, with our daytime temperatures sticking to -15 and its been a chilly at -21 C. So this diet has made me feel even cooler, but with my hot flashes, it has evened things out!

No kidding, I'm running hotter than usual. I'm also feeling so light that its actually easier to walk and walking has been very difficult of late. Cold and ice don't help this and I just stay calm and decided its the best time to actually lose weight. Its something I can do while waiting for  doctors appt for possible surgery on my back.

I've begun reading a blog written by Abigail who has some serious health issues going on and her words help me to remind myself that I can do only what is in my control to do. I can lose weight! And I'm doing it!!Abigail is a quilty person and has made some lovely and original quilting and this one beautiful hexie quilt you see in the photo above.
She would love for you to pop over and visit her blog here.

I'm experiencing carpel tunnel pain and I've been forced to stop so much hand embroidery and hand piecing, so what's a girl to do?

I use my machine to quilt! And I visit bloggers that I've not been able to visit lately, like the lovely Monika of My Sweet Prairie

By for now!



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