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Hello everyone, where ever you live I hope its an awesome day! Its very cold and blue sky sunny today, wow!

I have found some absolutely extraordinaire links of crazy quilting and the first up is one of the crazy quilting links on Pinterest that I'd love for you to go and visit, but first you might want to read the whole post before disappearing  because I've got some things to say.

Things that helped me get started in crazy quilting!

  1. When we got our first computer in mid 1990's, I started learning everything I could about the internet and computers in general. This is the kind of excitement I felt when I first realized that I loved making stitches that were similar to the images I saw in books and on the various web sites I found, before I even knew about  blogging. So let yourself go, as you may have figured out about me, I don't go the way of the rest of the crowd. Maybe letting go of what your friends like, you know?
  2. I'm hard working, on every job I've ever had, I did my share and more. I didn't wait for people to share their insites on how they stuck with the job. I make my way where ever I go, of course in foreign countries I'd do a ton of research before I'd go there, so get cracking!
  3. I watch videos, read books, buy magazines and read a ton of blogs. I'm not focused on making crazy quilts that look like everyone's crazy quilts.
  4. Make your way, in whatever you do, don't wait for anyone to give you all the details you're wondering about. Getting good at something takes commitment.
In your efforts to get better at crazy quilting, please have some fun and start following this Pinterest crazy quilting Ideas page.

I'm linking up with my favorite Canadian Quilters, weavers, knitters, crocheters, crafters of all kinds who work with fibre! TNTN


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