Saturday, February 22, 2014

CQA 2014 ~ Crazy Winter Block

Recently, as mentioned  before I have been experiencing carpel tunnel syndrome. I type a lot, I use a computer for some part time work I do and then I hand stitch. I guess it can be a deadly combination, so I'm resting them and this means very little stitching is going on here.

So lately, I'm trying to get some stitching done on my Winter Block, but to be honest its slow going.

This is where it currently is, slightly unfinished in my opinion. But then again, as the snow falls outside, our weather seems not done with winter, so its matching my block.

 To be honest, I'm finding the idea of trying to portray a season to be challenging. Mostly because its difficult to define stitches with keeping within a grey, white and dark grey and pinkish colored fabrics. But when I think of winter in the north, we get a fair amount of grey days, with low hanging clouds that make a grey color to the landscape, so this is my perspective on my color choices. But I will continue and find the groove of my winter block.

Then Teresa has a rich textured collaboration of her color choices. Teresa has crazy quilted along really well, trying to vary her stitches and showing good promise of becoming somewhat hooked on crazy quilting. You can read more about her experience at her blog, Teresa's Quilt Journey.

I started playing with beads this past year when my friend Myrtle shared her techniques for making beaded earrings, I totally enjoyed learning how to make earrings and have been making own since. Lately, though I've had quite an interest in going further and somehow, making woven bead earrings has become very addicting.

As you can see my beads spill together, much like the creative flow of crazy quilting.

Yeah! My first pair of woven beaded earrings! More to come.


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