Stitching and the blues

I have more time than some, I'm dealing with pain on a fairly regular basis in a spontaneous kind of way. I listen to alot of blues music. I'm limited shall we say. My hubby is a one man band and I'm constantly listening to blue via You Tube videos. Its great!

This is one that I like alot!

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Today I was telling my CAQ2014 new friends that crazy quilting for me was something that came from the soul. It fed me, just like water to a parched traveler would on a weary way. CQ has been a pleasurable ride with lots of learning curves along the way. Sometimes I get the  blues wishing things were different. Listening to so much blues has reminded me that I shall overcome!

Some online bloggers have everything all organized down to the minute details of a blog posting. I don't. I am not so inclined to let the  blogging of my work get in the way of relaxed times spent with loved ones, with my hubby and living our lives as they should be, together.
 I get alot of stuff done and organized and this why I bring this up because I've started on the Winter Block of the Four Seasons Crazy Quilt that we are making on our CQA class. 

In my mind its the right time with snow on the ground, dark and overcast, sometimes snowing. These are the kind of days around me. Its the perfect time to make this winter block, my surrounding so inspire me!



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