Start Crazy Quilting with CQA2014

 Starting a crazy quilt often starts with a block of foundation fabric, I prefer to use muslin. I find that its forgiving as second and third layers of fabric pile up and you only notice this when you begin hand embroidery.
I begin by starting in the middle, others will tell you that you've got to start here or there. But after 20 or so crazy quilts, I start where I like to and I suggest this only as something that works for me. Place one fabric chunk ( 5 sided first piece is nice)

Moving reflectively across the block add new and interesting fabrics to the block KEEPING in mind that you always want to cover off any raw edges. Continue as you go. Its fun and there are no rules. Except for covering raw edges.

Always press each new added fabric chunk.

Here is my "Winter" seasonal block for our upcoming
"Four Seasons Crazy Quilt" If you are participating with the Crazy Quilt Along 2014.


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