Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Its going to be a CrAzY qUiLtEd Year

Hello readers, friends and followers from far and wide.

This year I'm hosting a Crazy Quilt Along 2014. Its going to be an awesome fun time as I teach Basic Crazy Quilting for a group of quilters who signed up in early December of last year. I was slightly surprised by the immediate response of interested quilters.

I have begun a 2015 waiting list, so leave me comment if you want to be involved with 2015.

Crazy Quilting is not a process that I plan out, get busy on the sewing machine and have my quilt done in a few days! 

My Purple Crazy Quilt took me several years to complete. Now that is not constant work on the same quilt. I get carpel tunnel syndrome if I don't pay attention to varying my activities. You may too, if  you don't take care of your fingers, hands and wrists.

Machine embroidery enthusiasts might love to make crazy quilts on an embroidery machine. Like this rose I did with an embroidery machine on teh Smithers 2013 Centennial Quilt. But for me, its simply not an option to do any machine embroidery on my crazy quilts. So its your choice.

I prefer the work of hands and fingers and free design work with a needle and thread. That's my choice.

Our year of working together will be one of learning and sharing. 

I will be emailing all the participants who made it plain they wanted to be included in my CQA2014. They followed my Rules of Engagement and are eagerly gathering supplies to make their first crazy quilt.

I'm working along on several projects and you will soon see what we are working on and check out our progress.

Happy New Year Quilting in 2014


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