Fabriholics Anonymous- My UFO's

So all of these are little bits and pieces that are still not finished. These are my UFO's for completion in 2014. I promise not to buy anything to finished these except batting and backing.

This is my lovely Sockeye Sashiko Bowls I did last year with a quilt along using the pattern of www.reginagrewe.de

This is the swirley method (below) I used in the making of Sir Alfred Smithers that went  into the Smither 2013 Centennial Quilt 

Now these Dresden blocks below are about to change radically.

This is the first block I made after deciding this the block for my new King size quilt that will be used for summer on our bed. We've had the same bed frame for 29 years. I have some of the little pieces stashed in a cookie tin. 

This is a long drawn out wool piece ( below) that was an experiment and I started about 10 yrs ago!

These poor little rail blocks were my way of getting myself back into the "real world of quilting ealier this year after the completion of the "Smithers 2013 Centennial Quilt" I made for the Town of Smithers.

This little posie patch is a pattern from one of the Quilt Mania patterns. When I finish this one, the full credits for the designer will be posted. I have some interesting border ideas for this little one.

This is a faceless "Me" and it was started a few years ago when I worked in a daycare with after school kids. They loved this and I don't know if they ever finsihed it.
 But I will finish it.

This rooster is special one, the inspiration was out roudy rooster who was VERY interested in our lovely hens, but he was a little too roudy and they began to loose feathers on their  backs!

This is my Modern Orangey Quilt. Its almost ready for quilting.

This is a really lovely quilt that I've drafted a great border for and it will take most of this next year to finish.It was part of a round robin quilt with a group of local ladies.

 This is a bit of quandry for me, I'm not big on the colors and I've going to have to change the focus of the existing borders. I'm not liking it right now!

This is almost done and it may become the latest Christmas quilt. Surprise heh? No Christmas colors yet? Readers may remember it as A Dresden Summer (below)

This one is my old Canadian Girl quilt  (below) that I was playing around with, but as yet unfinished.

So as you can see, I've got a bunch to finish using only fabric from my stash. And don't forget, I'm going to be listing all the fabrics on another page here on this blog.
 Stay tuned thanks for dropping by! If you are paying attention, I've not listed any of the Crazy Quilts to be finished on this  list, there is a reason for that which you'll see as time goes on. Join us in our destashing event?

All the best, Carli


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