Crazy Quilts Made Modern for Baby Maybe?

Crazy stitching is really only a space in your head where you decide how you interpret the stitching along seams whether this is done by hand or machine. Check out the meandering zig zag stitch from my Janome or my Baby Lock machine to top stitch the strips over the sweater 5 inch squares. Its a crazy made quilt for sure. Crazy Quilts are very personal, they are your expression.  Crazy quilts in my opinion are not meant to be done with the traditional format we've seen in dozens of examples.

In this blue crazy quilt for a baby is a good example of a crazy quilt made modern.
Just as these following examples are.

This pink, green, yellow and blue soft colours had had the finish embroidery work, beadwork comes later.

Remember all of my projects between January 2014 and June 30 will be done without buying any new fabric. Its such a freeing process to simply use what you have!

Join us and make the commitment to not buy any new fabric for 6 months!


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