Crazy Quilt Along 2014- Revised

Welcome to my Crazy Quilt Along 2014, you are asked to NOT use a ruler or a rotary cutter for the Crazy Quilt Along 2014. This is a scissors only event until your quilt is ready to finish with batting and binding.I encourage you to focus on the hand applications that I do to build my blocks. I use the sewing machine very rarely after the initial blocks are made.

If you are good so far and you're feeling like its manageable for you to participate twice a month where your teacher is there for you and its a free event, then I welcome you aboard, I am really tickled!

( I'm not a hard task master, if your life is hectic, join us when you can again)

(this is meant for the level of participation of those who are already signed up)

Rules of Engagement:

  1. That you agree to post once a month on your blog or in an email to me, with your progress including photos so I can post your story for you. Your posting will include a link to My Monthly Posting you'll receive each month from this blog.
  2. This is about learning how to get started with crazy quilting. Please try to link up with something special in another participants post. And always give credit where its due.
  3. Please use the link up button from the right side bar of Good Earth Quilting, because it helps me build my readership and to followers, if someone visiting your site sees it and wants to get involved they can find me too.

So this is it, I'm  hoping that we all enjoy our online participation of sharing our learning and I  hope that you learn something about taking the gloves off and tackling something new or thinking and quilting out of the box.

Leave a comment with your email address, so that a supply list can be emailed to you. Take some time to go through all your stash to find some fabrics that you've wanted to quilt with but didn't because you thought it was going to be impossible. Enjoy the fun of taking along a bunch of friends to your local thrift shop when funds from sales often are very needed at Christmas time. Enjoy the fun of stashing a few things like lace, ribbon, buttons, floss threads, Perle Cotton threads, zippers, whatever you can think of to use. Your stash of crazy quilting supplies and notions will grow I promise you.

JUst to be totally clear. I'm not starting this event until after Christmas, first posting will go out in early January 2014.

Plus, I'm contacting some awesome potential sponsors of this annual event.
If  you are a potential sponsor, then do contact me via email : carlithequilter at gmail dot com

This is my soon to be home, quilt " Beach House Crazy Quilt" that toured the U.S.A. with the International Quilt Festival and Market this year.

Come on join up, its going to be fun!

carli the quilter at gmail dot com



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