Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas Puzzle Slice Table Runner

I love using my "Two Hour Slice and Dice Table Runner" and this time, I used Christmas fabric instead of the photo colors as seen below.

Which you'll just  love and you can carry on to make dozens of funky and wild quilts from full size bed size to tiny minis too! More on those another time.

These are where you end up in about 2 hrs of your time. Its a Christmas Puzzle!

I decided on the size that ALL blocks would become the same size. 15 1/2 inches sq to be exact.

And there you have it, 5 blocks from 5 FQ.

Ok, so were do we go now with these, up next is the finished table runner! Yes, it turned out totally lovely and its on its way to a friend for Christmas who has this enormous dining table, this runner was 85 inches long, it has a lovely snowy fabric border and machine quilting.

I forgot to get a photo, you know how it goes, you're running around finding wrapping paper and just the right size of box and then its wrapped and done. Onto parcel #2 etc. until this small mountain of prepared parcels for Canada Post to deliver before Christmas! Then I got up this morning and plugged in the Christmas lights in our living room.
I had such a warm moment of Christmas just seeing this photo!

So, breath now as I sip my coffee with Bailieys and I have been listening the great online radio channels that I totally recommend "Jango Radio"

I've been listening to the  channel of "Diva Christmas" and wow, I'm bopping and swagging around home to this channel wow, its sooooo good.

I thought you'd enjoy seeing my tiny livingroom decorated with our Christmas Tree in place, right beside my comfy chair and footstool.

and of course, my 2014 Christmas Crazy Quilt in progress. Sorry it blurred up but if you stick around till next Christmas you'll see this one and more!

Cheers my online friends and Merry Christmas!


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