Burgundy Beauty #1 or is it chaos?

You know how Smitty works heh?

What? You must have a Smitty in your house, he's the little mischievous invisible little bugger who comes along, like clockwork, just when you think you have yourself organized?

This time he's in the form of a new computer. 

Well, its really about transferring everything from a Mac to the new PC. These two manufacuturers really have to form a better relationship for consumers, really!

I am bravely trying to post my first post on my blog since the surprise new computer for Christmas! I wanted to show you the late 2013 gift made for  a friend of mine. But alas, I'm  am not finding photos about the process of building this "Burgundy Beauty" am I,  no, I'm wondering around inside the world of PC's with different Microsoft versions.

Now if I was posting about crows on the other  hand, this one is also a beauty! But not the Burgundy Beauty?

And if I was writing a post about the process of some cute paper pieced stars tutorial made by the lovely Virginia Finley Wolfe of the blog, "Fifteen Minutes of  Play"

So there, you have it, I'm on a NEW learning curve of mastering the use of our new PC and posting great content for my readers. Please be patient, I will learn the curve as soon as possible. In the meantime, here's a computer photo of me, giggling about how much a a curve this is for my brain, obsessed with quilting and blogging about it.

OK, now this is not a nerve wracking process or anything, just a change, so I'm grooving along with "Its What I Like About You" by the Romantics on ITunes!

Its great therapy to drain my brain, change my brain,  make a change in mindset  and change keeps me young!

I have a list of songs on ITunes called Mix Energy Rock, 157 songs, 9 hours and 52 minutes of excellent listening and they are all different artists and this is the kind of wild and crazy music I listen to, to focus and learn. 

Wow, my teachers would have sent me to the office without hesitation for suggesting such a thing to do for learning if I was back in highschool!

Thanks so much to the dozens of new followers and to the faithful followers who started out with me so long ago, its cool to have an audience. Thanks to our oldest son Jon for this great gift and I'm so grateful to have a safe, warm place to live. I'm blessed!



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