Where do you start a Crazy Quilt?

When I teach crazy quilting classes, I like to expose quilters to a variety of ways that making a single block can be achieved and there are many ways such as in the posting by SewKatieDid where she used little bits and bites of fabric and used them up to make a unique small zippered purse.

There is really no right way or wrong way of piecing. I use my own method and many of you will find your preferred way.

All my images of my work are copyright protected and everyone reading this knows it.

So the above block is an example of using an orphan block and making it the focus of the block.

 While in this example of an organized quilter who decides to use all of a cinnamon bun of Kaffe Fassett fabrics.

The quilter who made this quilt below, my friend Yo, started with a whole bedding sheet and just added chucks of fabric appliqued onto the whole sheet as she went. Yo told me it was done over several winters.

A modern quilter might sew strips of scraps together as this example below.

Or you might decide if you're in a hurry to use a cheater fabric and carry on from there!

I suggest if you are going to follow along with the Crazy Quilt Along 2014 on my blog, you'd might want to visit some thrift shops and allow yourself to buy 
clothing just for the fabric value!

Creating unique crazy quilts is all about taking risks that most are afraid, unsure of their choices and all you need to do is take a few risks!

Enjoy the hunt!



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