Orange Peel Border Complete-[Midinight Over the Oasis]

I'm having such a blast with this pattern of Midnight Over The Oasis from Jen Kingwell Designs and I'm really pumped about how its turning out so far. Here's where I started last night on the Orange Peel border.

This is not the best photo, but it was late last night,  I turned off all the lights except the one behind me and I used a flash. Not  bad!

So its complete and I'm starting immediately on the applique border coming up next. Hope you my fabric choices.  Its been years since I did any pattern made by someone else. This is one that is very special. 

I did a hand applique on some of the blocks to further enhance this unique quilt layout. I did 11 OP blocks on my machine and then 9 by hand.

Join us anytime, pop over this link below to participate.


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