Chevron Border Complete - [Midnight Over The Oasis]

Phew, this has been a stretch for me to complete this and attend to the commission art pieces being requested for Christmas!

But luckily I had made up Chevron Braid pieces for the completion of my Summer Dresdens and then didn't use it and when I put these together on my new design sheet I new right away it must be.

I think it looks really cute and add's a new twist to this quilt version for anyone else who might want to do something unique into any pattern.

As you may have understood about me and Good Earth Quilting; we love to recycle and its not only from our new fabric scraps, its from clothing, vintage mostly and I love the old fashioned 1970's corner background fabric for the 4 corner blocks. I used these pressing bars in all the applique vines on the flower border!

I am total fan of these Quilter's Press Bars. Here's why:
  • The perform a great function of using up scraps in 12 inch lengths and so you can make your bias vine on any quilt fast and its cheap!
  • These bars come in several widths and I think I paid $5.99 several years ago and so just a reminder that you don't always need to go and buy bias strips for vines ect to applique onto your quilts.
So here it is, the full size version without the 1 inch border colour on yet! What do you think?

Its pretty interesting when you play with what was originally intended in any pattern! I am a pattern changer and its good to be. See what happened with the Mystic Quilter did in her version.

I'm linking up with the project hosted by the lovely Jess of The Elven Garden.

Take care, don't eat too many cookies! I'm being very inventive with cooking Gluten Free for Christmas this year. I've  been GF for 2.8 yrs now and this is the first Christmas I'm really baking cookies that bring back out earlier years as a family.

Bye for now, Carli


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