Blue Modern Crazy Quilt

I am a really durable quilter. I know this about myself and as I start each project I think of the people who wore the blouse or dress or shirt.

I live my life. I do activities with my spouse that are very special, like fishing, we both love it. My hubby has a special view on life and we're just so glad we met! We're coming up on our 29th anniversary.

Rick made this ice sculpture in 2010 winter, it was a perfect winter of just enough cold and just the right kind of ice on the river. Check this posting here for more on his ice scultpture.

I like sharing with readers what inspires me and I generally think that my environment inspires me. It translates directly into the kind of crazy quilting  I design and make.

On the theme of inspiring readers to come along on my Crazy Quilt Along 2014, I have dug out my semi complete Blue Modern Crazy Quilt.

This where I ended up after several months of simple hand stitching. Its also where the hand stitching stopped. I have a rule of thumb with my CQ's, the blocks themselves tell me when they are done!

Screwy heh? But's its the truth. I knew my work in stitching and CQing was making a change right along side all of the other CQ's I was working on. I was  making a change and yes, its like that, I felt the change inside me.

As you can see, my Blue Modern Crazy Quilt had to take a  back seat to my mega project of the Smithers Centennial 2013 Quilt. My BMCQ sat in the pile under the watchful eye of my son in uniform and the CN Train featured in the Smithers Centennial 2013 Quilt was the focus.

This is sneak look up close on some of the wierd setting these blocks are in. At least this is what I was thinking while working on the mega project, I kept sneaking a look at it and for some reason it frowned at me!

So my BMCQ was refolded placed back on the pile in favour of some quick machine quilt feather practice for the upcoming completion of the centennial quilt and all the feathers going into it. But if you are enamoured by centennial quilts or trains, do check out this posting.

I check out colours where ever I am, in nature, by the ocean or on the river!

This butterfly is from my Smithers 2013 Centennial Quilt, its the green crazy that is in the top left corner of the quilt.

Lovely examples of crazy quilting

 Above the latest commission piece that has  been calling to to me. The Burgundy Crazy Quilt that has been mailed off to Calgary. More on this later.

This is what my Crazy Quilt tackle box looks like, so if crazy quilting is about to infect you, start  by visiting your local thrift stores for bargains of excellent notions and thread!

Hope you enjoyed my story of how I find inspiration and what takes place when you are most excited. I've heard that some of you are not happy with the commenting system in Google. Let me clarify some of this change and why its happened.

Google developed this system to make it impossible for people to comment when really they are a super focused spammer! So this change is about who you really are and I urge you to think about getting a Google + button and be content that its about letting the blogger know that you are not a spammer.

Hope this helps, I just heard about this on CBC Radio today.

Blue Modern Crazy Quilt is on my table now!



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