Wedding Rings Lost

As I mentioned in another posting, I've had a rough summer, we refer to it as "The Lost Summer." Really!

To add to the already trying times, I had an accident in mid June. I was on vacation and suffered whiplash and a concussion. I know, bummer heh? 
Yes, it involved the ambulance and attendants to put me on a spine board, neck brace, warm blankets and a dizzy ride to the local hospital. They transferred me to their local tiny outpost of a Stewart Hospital with awesome staff. I was hardly with it, if you know what I mean. The pain was VERY intense, my head was developing a nice big goose egg, I had a whopper of a headache, my neck, upper shoulders and my back all hurt. 

I had to have xrays, I was asked to stand, I couldn't and almost went crashing to the ground if it hadn't been for this tiny Asian female doctor in training, who caught me! From then on, I was sitting and getting the xrays done.

Well, the long and short of this posting is lament on my own two lost wedding rings given to me by my sweetie. I was in a daze for several days and didn't notice I didn't have on my one of two wedding rings. You see, I lost one before, that is how I came to have two, so I'm obviously not to be trusted with wedding rings.

These two photos are quilts kept by my friend, the one with two more quilts in her hands. My friend Nola and her daughter were the quilt holders that day. 

I feel so bad about loosing these two rings. I know I had them on while on that trip. I can't remember what happened after I crashed into the window frame and didn't think about them for several weeks. I searched the entire house, the truck, the camper, my various bags and still nothing has turned up.

Have you lost your own wedding ring?


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