Northwest Nisga Nation

 Recent vacations have been what we call a 'stay vacation' where we stay fairly close to home and keep the fuel cost down and see our regional attractions. Many of the attractions we have in the north is the freedom of privacy. Such as this lake below, no one else was camped there and it was so beautiful and free camping fee's. The loons called on the crystal clear lake within the silence of wilderness. The lake was called Sand Lake. Its located on the highway that takes you to New Aiyansh.

Its really "Gods Country" the Lava Lake Falls are absolutely inviting on the very hot  days we had. But the temperature of the water was a little chilly for us. But people younger than us were swimming in this gorgeous pool.

I don't know if you can see the tiny blue flowers of forget me nots that were growing and flowering profusely on these flowers beds in the very Lava Lake river. Stunning to see in person.

I've begun to do some more embellishments on this very special block. The "Lumber Jack" was done by our oldest son when we were home schooling for 9 yrs. He sewed it onto some rather 'too flimsey' fabric for longevity so Momma had to do a little to it. I intend this is be his Christmas present one year.

I took this photo through the windshield on the way to Kincolith, which is at the very end of  the road and no pull off's were to be found and the steep parts we had yet to discover!!

Yet, the road, as narrow as it is, a beautiful little village of Kincolith resides on the Pacific Ocean.

My hubby is taking in the last special spot of aqua blue water fresh from Lava Lake. We headed for home in Telkwa, having enjoyed a most special place, the Nisga Nation.


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