Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Crazy Quilting-Modern Maybe?

Unbelievable! Its already mid July, almost and soon fall will  be knocking on the door! But that only really applies to all of us who live in the northern hemisphere. So I've been taking advantage of camping trips on my days off.

 Of course I've been working on last summer's crazy tropical project! I love the warm colours in this latest project. We took a trip to Stewart, B.C. a small port town tucked into the northern coast of B.C. The size of the Cow Parsnip was amazing! This photo is close up, but they are over my  head in height.

The glacier was stupendous and its right there so close to the viewing area, which is a simple pull off the windy road.

Little Stewart is a bit like a historic town with a small amount of modern conveniences available. 

Here is the modern approach to my newest crazy quilting. I'll show you more as the project proceeds. Besides, blogging cannot possibly compete with fishing!  Off to more camping this weekend.

Having fun in the sun! 


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