UFO's are callin me, softly and persistantly!

Yes, its that time of the year and even more attention has to be paid to finishing up my numerous UFO's and this is the list.

Above is my long awaited Mexacali Quilt. I've designed an awesome border for it and can't hardy wait to get to this one first!
Then below, I hand sewed these cute little Dresden plates for a mini quilt from Quiltmania magazine and has been calling me for several months.
I love Dresden Plate quilts and so I have a few to finish and this one is on the list.
I love the randomness of true scrap quilts. I know that the popular versions out there are to pick fabrics from your stash that can become " scrap quilts" but are not really using up your scraps, so I'm holding the line on that with this quilt.
More Dresdens are hiding in the UFO bin.
They actually got this far on the journey to completion. So this what I'm quietly working on while culling out for spring cleaning and getting ready for a garage sale!
Hope your long weekend is awesome and restful or playful or both!
All the best,



  1. those are so beautiful Carli

    1. Thanks Betsy, its like the whole bin has jumped out and is demanding my attention. Its a wee bit hard though as we're just listing our home to move this summer, soo....persistence is part of my life.

  2. Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog and for your comment. I had a bit of a struggle finding you, you have a no-reply-mail-address, therefor I have to write an answer here. The purses are toilet purses, but of course you can use them for stitching supplies as well. The cover measures 12,5 x 8 unfolded. If you look at one of my older posts, you'll see what the small purse inside look like without the cover.


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