Random Strips of Scraps

I've been recuperating, painting and spring cleaning and getting ready to make a move in my room. I've  been filled with pain for the last 8 months, struggling along getting the centennial quilt done. I'm am not sad or complaining or anything, its just what's on my mind. I've acquired a pinched sciatic nerve. If you've never experienced it, mine is awesome in sudden and stabbing pain, which grabs your attention and then is gone again. We've sorted it out and now medication helps keep me focused on living the happy life I live.

I decided to tackle my scraps as a start to 'de-briefing' myself from the high times of creation in a big way.

I have loads of scraps and they must go, so I am scrapping many kilograms of scraps into our upcoming garage sale. I am realistic and judicious in my culling that I'm doing and do I decided that an easy way to cull is to make rail  blocks with mostly only one print strip in the bunch. I fear I may have grudgingly held on, not listened to my best culling efforts as you'll see in the following blocks.

Do you ever get possessive about your fabric stash?

What makes us hang onto thousands of scraps and hang onto such huge stashes of fabric? For me, I'm always wondering that if I give it away, I'll need that particular print and I won't have it anymore?? You know, the kind of frustration that puts your hands on your hips and you are wagging your finger at yourself. This all goes along with some good blues music that fits well with your wagging finger and your swaying hips.

As you can see, I have a swastica/windmill thing going on...maybe its the wine or the blues music coming from my hubbies music room, I don't know, but this is where my evening went.

I was truly working from the standpoint of empty the bags of scraps and make something from what falls out theory  So my rails or strips don't look like most seen on this Pinterest.

Frankly, not too many of my quilts look like anything I've seen on the Internet? I feel that I don't want to imitate anyone else, I like to go my own way and this comes across in my work.

What do you think of this theory of working with what falls out?

So would  you like to try this theory out? Then get on board and join me.

Now, folks this is only an expansion of a bunch of great idea to eat through your scraps in a time efficient way. For inspiration  see what JulieKQuilts did with her scraps.Its a simple premise really, just take out a bag of scraps and let them fall as they are and make rails from what simply falls out. Are you up for the challenge of what seems like random play?

If you'd like to just link back to my post and get busy with your Random Strips of Scraps! Follow me if you'd like to do more fun, simple and random projects.

All the best,



  1. It looks like a ton of fun! Glad you are feeling better :)

    1. Yes, they are coming along nicely and no stress!

  2. I've never met a string quilt I didn't love. They all have great personalities.

    Lots of string quilt pics at that site. I have a lot on my Pinterest board too if you want to look.
    String Quilts

    Good you are feeling better.


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