My first sponsor, I'm so tickled!

Earlier last month, I was deep into the piecing of the night sky that forms the backdrop in the Smithers Centennial Quilt and I quickly realised that I was pretty much out of the light colors of snow! I quickly drove into Smithers and found that both of my local sources for fabric were not able to help. "We don't get much call for white or white backgrounds one person told me" so I came home quite despondent. I really hated the idea of another revision of the design and when you are 1/2 done on the piecing and you had miscalculated how much white my own stash had, I was an unhappy camper.
I retreated.

I made a cup of Earl Grey tea and settled into my favorite distraction, my computer and reading the blogs I follow!
Such as Stitched in Color. Rachael must have ten legs and thirteen helpers, otherwise, I am stumped for how she gets two shops, umpteen projects and has a cazillion sponsors happy on her blog. But darn it if she isn't just the most pleasant project maker I've seen in a long time. She's pretty darn cool too, with our  mutual interest in home schooling, I like her! She has some awesome tutes, I really love the way she details the 'Quilt as you Go" Log Cabin.
QAYG Log Cabins tutorial
Quilt As You Go is my favorite way to put together a quilt. Fast and easy! There are numerous forms of quilt as you go and so Rachael's version is a really nice, easy introduction to the practice of quilting as you go.

But it was on her blog that she introduced me to Mad About Patchwork, an online shop. Rachael of Stitched in Color was sponsoring a giveaway and low an behold, it was a smart little fat quarter pack in black and white!

I liked the fast speed of my order from Denyse at Mad About Patchwork and she has become my first sponsor. Nice high quality whites from this order have gone into the centennial quilt.
Stitched In Color Bundle
 Its a nice little bundle called Stitched in Color bundle, you can find it here. The bundle consisted of 8 fat quarters for $23 CAD. That is $2.87 each, in my own town, the cheapest FQ you can find it likely $4.50 each and they never seem to have the fabric that I'm looking for and so sponsors are a welcome relief for the kind of modern patchwork I do.
So welcome Mad About Patchwork!

Yesterday, I checked my mail box on an evening walk with my hubby and there was a lovely parcel of solid colors from Denyse! Thanks so much, I just love the array and will post about what I've got up my sleeve for these solid cotton from Mad About Patchwork!


  1. Well, Carli, don't you have tons of stuff going on....and especially cool stuff at that. The quilt (on Pattern Pastiche) is gorgeous. And already you've been needing whites for this beauty? How many legs and helpers do YOU have?

    1. Hello again, so nice of you to drop over! Yes, the whites were a tiny problem that began with a simple order from MadAboutPatchwork that fixed up the whole issue.

      Yes, the quilt is done, I'm working on full and detailed report of the whole event.

  2. Wow, Carli, you have so much stuff going on.....and especially cool stuff at that! Congratulations on the new sponsor!

    The quilt (on Pattern Pastiche) is gorgeous. And already you're out of whites for this beauty! How many legs and helpers do you have?

    1. Had none and now, its all done, Yeeeeppeee! I'm working on a super posting for soon to be announced date. Thanks for popping in!

  3. Congratulations on your first sponsor! I love the fabrics xx

    1. Thanks Maggie, how are things going in Britian for you, love your blog, thanks for checking in with me. So much is going on and many new projects are under way!


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