Lost Blocks Found Table Runner

You know how it goes, you see an interesting block and you make just one. Then you decide its not really for you. It goes to live in the 'block orphanage" where sometimes you don't go back to visit for quite some time.

I have a new friend and what a generous lady she is. First, she has begun teaching me about making jewelry, beading and now knitting. Almost every time we meet, she has made another lovely gift for me. I am embarrassed without any gift to give back! This will not do for a quilter!

Meet Mertle, a Gitsan woman from Hazelton, B.C. Beader extraordinaire!

So far, Mertle is not a quilter, because you know how that goes, suddenly the quilt bug bites and you're off to the races!

I decided that I just wanted to make an example of the crafting that I do and so I began to reach into the block orphanage to see what I had there. Just maybe something fine, lovely and generous, just like my new friend Mertle would emerge?

This is what I came up with. Mertyl has many color choices that she wears, but often I see blue, teal and green in her clothing. 

 This first block set the tone for the runner. I can't remember what the name of this block is, anyone know? I used 30's prints, reproduction prints, batiks and recycled prego shirt cotton in this one.

 The next one I found was darker in the center color, but fit in nicely with the dark center of the previous block, so  now you can see my plan, its all coming together. I appliqued an antique doily to the center to lighten the block slightly.

I used Cloud 9 Fabrics from a Fat Quarter bundle I purchased a few years ago, all organic 100% cotton. I found the soft light teal linen in one of many recycled, reused cotton bins, the solid color has proved to be just the ticket for a restful background to the busy prints of everything else.

This is my relief project from the Smithers 2013 Centennial Quilt Project.

I have to machine quilt it and I'll post that really soon.

Thanks so much to all the comments left by my followers and visitors. I have a Valentine in my life, he's the light of my life and has been for 28 years and we're still in love. Check back to see my Valentine Quilts for Rick. Have you got a Valentine in your life?

See you soon! ~ Carli


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