150 Posts~ A brief look back

When I started this blog in early 2011, I really had no idea of how much fun I'd have writing, composing projects and reading the comments left by followers.

Followers? I had no idea if anyone might be interested in what I had to say and truly when I started, it was all about confirming in my own mind I could write an interesting blog entry on a regular basis. Now, I have 50 followers and I've written 150 posts! I like those odds!

So I thought I'd start this post with a look back.

Wow, as I started to compose this post, I realized I have a lot of photos! Looking is not always an easy thing to do and appreciate all the new followers I have discovered over this last two years. I am just getting started!

All the best,



  1. Hi Carli!

    Delighted to read about you in the "Friday Feature" on TNTN. Congratulations on 150 posts. I know from experience how much fun blogging is, and how great it is to share with readers of like mind. :-)

    I am in awe of your Centennial Quilt Project. I made a red-work quilt for the Centennial of Mirror, Alberta, the hamlet in which I live, which celebrated 100 years in July 2012 -- and I was far less ambitious! Nonetheless I was honoured when the Museum decided they wanted to keep it in its permanent collection instead of raffling it off for much needed funding. (Since then they got a grant, so the pressure's off!)

    I look forward to reading more, and am now a new follower of your blog. All the best for continued success!

  2. So far so good is all I can say. Lovely introduction to you and your work.


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