The Countdown 2013

I am alone with the creative urgency that brews inside of me. Its a spark that keeps coming back. Much like the new growth of springtime after a long cold winter.

The creation of the Smithers 2013 Centennial Quilt has been and continues to be the most promising of all my work so far!
A challenge that may have scared off some, but for me its a rise to the occasion kind of moment. I don't want to be one who would say, "I should have done this or that?"
 I believe that I make my own future and all the quilts that have yet to come are inside me still. I intend to stitch and quilt until my last breath.
I am an independant quilter for sure!
I rarely use a pattern.
I rarely seek consultation with others about colors.
I rarely ask for help.
 But this project was an asking, taking and a giving experience with the 7 other artists collaborating on this vision.
 Its one that I'll not forget, ever! I thank Perry Rath, Linda Stringfellow, Martha Wertz, Nicole Tessier, Nola Weston, Todd Lace and Charrine Lace.
But most importantly, my husband came up from the river to fill the void of a missing block. I had a late loss of one of our quilters. Its bound to happen on a project that spans 15 months!
He painted a lovely scene of winter poplar trees, a scene filled with shadows and the greyness of winter. Its got to be part of the Centennial Quilt as well. Because anyone who lives in the Bulkley Valley has seen a scene like this thousands of times in any winter.
I will have a photo soon of his new block.
 Lovely workmanship, but snowbirds are these.

So many quilts to make and so little time!

These the items yet to be done for the Smithers Centennial Quilt:

  1. Final recalibrations of measurements for the finished quilt.
  2. Flying Geese, blocks to be made.
  3. Checkerboard blocks to be made.
  4. Half Triangle blocks to be made.
  5. Final scene assembly. ( pieces and blocks hung in the closet waiting)
  6. Piecing  of the final parts.
  7. Labels made and appliqued to pieced back.
  8. Machine Quilting.( This is to be done Free Motion Style, by me, on my Janome!)
  9. Binding and hanging sleeve.
  10. Large quilt 'pillow case' style for transporting the quilt various places.
  11. Presentation for photos.
  12. Public handover of quilt to Town of Smithers Mayor and Council in chambers.
OK, so now do you see where I'm at, so much more to come, to be done and only when I'm not working!
Hope my readers are enjoying my documentation of this very special project. If you haven't entered my giveaway, you  have until Jan 30th to enter.
I'm sending a 1 kg bag of fine silk, satin, velvet and cotton scraps for crazy quilting enthusiasts. Don't worry if you are the winner and don't know how to start, I'm going to be posting a new tutorial for "Crazy Quilting-Carli's Style" in the coming months. So hurry, time is running out.


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