Smithers Centennial 2013 Progress Report-Words

Sometimes a few words can say more.

These are the words that will be on the top of the Smithers 2013 Centennial Quilt. Left alone, as is these words are quite  boring, so of course I had to play with them and I have these photos for you to see where or what could come of this 'play'

The sketch above is par of the beginning of this quilt. Many parts have evolved and adapted into a different version as you'll see in the remaining two photos.

I wanted a dark, maybe even black background, but as time went on, with numerous shifting and moving, I realised that black was just too  black. What I was really going for was a darker background to make all the artist scapes pop.

This was taken a few months ago when I began playing with how to get acrylic paintings into the quilt.

I've had some really positive comments and helpful tips on transferring artwork to fabric and I thank you all for those insightful comments. Learning new stuff is what quilting is all about. 

All the best,



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