Smithers 2013 Centennial Quilt- Purple Fireweed

The Bulkley Valley is an awesome place to live.

Really, I'm not just saying this because I am making this quilt that commemorates the 100 years it took to become the lively and industrious town today.

Our valley is full of musicians and astists, hence, we sometimes call it the "Nelson North" and only those who live in the Kootenay area of BC would know what I'm talking about!

Festivals happen year round in the Bulkley Valley. Music, art and cultural festival are ongoing!

When I began to represent the choices of flora and fauna from my facebook page when asked what did people think of the most important areas. I took this to  heart and began trying to vision what my skills and descriptive artwork of floral began in my head.

I tried to think of the colors to choose for one area of color, in respect to the other interesting and vibrantly colored blocks that the Centennial quilt displays. Artists from my home valley contributed to this quilt and you can find all the other posts by clicking on an image that connects to a title on my new layout.

The lively, beautiful crops of fireweed that grows so prolifically here in the most parts of Canada fill the road sides and hillsides in the Bulkley Valley.

This crazy quilting piece which is still in progress is my vision of the audacious color of purple fills the landscape with rich purple flower petals blowing softly in the breeze of summer.

The crazy quilting pieces in this quilt were sewn together by my friend Nola and then I completed the blocks with hand embroidery embellishments. Without Nola's help these blocks would not have become part of the Smithers Centennial Quilt.

Thank you my best gal pal, Nola Weston of Telkwa!

All the best,



  1. Beautiful is all I have to say about your crazy quilting project

  2. Hi, Carli. It's so neat to see photos of your area. What a beautiful place to live (except for the cold). The crazy quilted fireweed is splendid. And you have a wonderful friend--the more hands the merrier.
    best, nadia


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