My Space, Repurposed

Every time the new year comes by, I hear resolutions that often go by the wayside. I didn't make any, nor do I have any unfulfilled resolutions from last year, to be guilty about.  

You know what I mean? I'm cruising the path my life is on and that's very cool. I acknowledge all my actions to be truthful, kind and dedicated to peace.

I work and I play. I play to the music of good blues players, swaying to the beat while cutting out fabric or sewing blocks. But the main thing is I live in the moment of the experience. I let go and drink a glass wine or two. I believe I may as well have fun while quilting. 

How would you describe feeling in the moment?

As you all know who faithfully read my  blog, know that I like to reuse and I like to experiment with different ways of reusing.  
Hence, I make do with many things before buying new stuff. Because after all, its stuff. I can't TAKE any of it with me when I die, so I intend to have fun with my stash. Here are some ways that I make do and reduce my consumption of goods.

 This is a crappy poorly lit photo, sorry. But I reused tiles, painstakingly removing all the previous glue and grout from almost everyone. They are both  handsome in my kitchen and provide a great place to hang up my pots.

Playing with fabric of all kinds. I love to feel the life in used clothing, I let my fingers slide along the satin of a wedding dress and wonder of how this dress may have found itself in a landfill reuse shed? Had it  been the dress worn by the girl who was the life of the party? Or was it worn by a wealthy woman who didn't think about the cost of it? Was it an antique? Did it sit in someone's 'hope chest' somewhere for decades?

We live in a humble trailer home with an addition. Many of our items that we consider dear to our comforts of home are reused, They are comfortable and user friendly with out any electric back warmers or slider gizmo's, just simple furniture.

My sewing room is the same, recently I too, did a major clearing out and culling of crap that is perhaps useful to someone else. But  you can see how much is actually repurposed and convenient. I did buy several dozen plastic shoe boxes to hold small snippets of fabric.

Don't have more space than what I have. We're completely comfortable, happy and secure where we live. But to be honest, my space was a little cluttered.

Now, its like a fresh space just for me. Its like seeing the break of foul weather and the sun coming through.

Ahhhhh...onto the Centennial Quilt.


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