Fifty Something Maybe?

My blog now has 50 members!!

Unbelievable to a 50-something female who hardly understood what the Internet was until about 1997!

Now, look at me, I'm growing, I'm learning and interacting with my world. I decided that what I write about, others could make use and its kind of like being a teacher of a digital craft gathering. Where I set the agenda, my goals, how they relate to my world and why what I say matters.

 Who would have known we'd hang around and listen to each other. So welcome my fifty follower's! 

Sit back and listen to my ramblings and we'll see who else wants to know what I say in my blog. I'm singing in the rain.  Writing this while listening to Michael Jerome Brown, Canadian Blues Singer who satisfies my musical groove.

My old man in the pale yellow is singing and playing with his good friend Derek. Grooving this past summer, in the warm summer nights when the sunlight lingers across the north later into the day.

I thought I'd tell you more about myself as my way of celebrating this memorable moment.

I work as Supervisor/Manager for Sunshine Inn-Houston.
I live in rural Telkwa of the Bulkley Valley in Northern B.C.
I love and enjoy quilting in every way!
I love to fish for king salmon, sockeye salmon and trout.
I live a totally gluten-free lifestyle.
I enjoy being part of my community in a volunteer way!

Thanks so much for reading and leaving a comment! I was so impressed by the stats on my blog. Another new member who can listen, enjoy and leave a comment. I enjoy reading them all and thank you to all of you who want to see what I'm going to do next!

Lots of ideas and plans and dreams.....



  1. Congrats on your growing number of followers! Nice to learn a little about you too. I've never fished for salmon, but I love eating it. One of my favorite gluten-free meals (because I'm totally GF and dairy-free as well) is grilled salmon, a baked sweet potato, and some kind of simply prepared side veggie.


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