Changes- Smithers Centennial Quilt

I tried  how to take an acrylic painting and put it directly into the quilt.

This one to be exact.

My poor little Janome was beside herself with my request. First the walking foot didn't like it under foot.  It stuck, snagged and generally didn't want to move with the the surface of the painting. I stopped.

I pondered the consequences of loosing my machine. I didn't like that image in my mind.

So then I trimmed this next painting that my friend Martha painted and is holding, to more the size of the block I needed.

My trimming allowed the opportunity to play with the 'trimmings' from Alpine Al  block that Martha depicts in her acrylic painting.

I tried placing voile between my walking foot and the surface of the painting strip. Its sputtered and created an uneven kind of gait in my machine.

Then I noticed my needle. I was too aghast to grab a photo of it. I immediately realized my folly was not with the foot,, but rather I was gumming up my machine internally!


So I reached for the phone and called Terri of Bulkley Cleaners in Smithers, "Help, how do I get a fabric version of a painting?" I was in a state! The late hour of Centennial Quilt made me thinking I was looking at sending out the paintings to somewhere like Prince George or to an online destination with a larger centre.  I worried about liability, posting things in the mail v/s a courier service. The cost was starting to mount from my personal bank account.

I learned that I can take a photo, have it scanned, resize to fit their transfer paper, then printed and then transferred to fabric!

OMG Who would have thought?

I'm fairly confident that many of you may already know this, but I didn't!

Whoa Nelly, what else can I do?

Thanks for reading, hope to see you here soon again. Special hello to my 50th follower Natalia. Just because!



  1. If you can get bubble jet (product), you can use your own inkjet printer to do the same thing. Some printer inks will set into fabric once you hit them with the iron (some canon inks do) but other's will wash out fairly quickly. Bubble jet sets the ink on your fabric so it becomes permanent. You can take a sheet of regular paper, lightly glue (gluestick is preferable) a sheet of freezer paper onto the paper and then iron your fabric onto the freezer paper, set into your printer and print whatever photo/graphic you want to onto your fabric paper, heat set with the iron and voila!!! Your own masterpiece! My canon inkjet printer uses the permanent type of ink so I've never used bubble jet (yet!) and I can't explain how it works, via the blogger grapevine I hear it is super easy to use and works rather well though ;)

    If you want to know whether or not to buy bubble jet, just make a test piece and wash it a few times with your regular laundry or let it soak for a while to see how it does.


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