Centennial Quilt Progress

Wow, three weeks have gone by since I last posted, the time is flying by so quickly.This is what keeps me going!!

I try really hard to live by this creed of Ghandi's. It has a prominent place in my sewing room. It gives me hope, when I have to make decisions that are not popular with others or have to brave ahead with only closest of friends behind me.
Please don't think that making a Centennial Quilt is like my own private thing. Its strange, in my own home turf, few quilters have come forward to participate.

I'm so glad that I have my good friend Nola to rescue me from the toil of the entire project on my shoulders. 

Thank you Nola, you are a trooper good friend!

I was chatting online with a friend of mine who lives in Grand Forks, BC. Our conversation made me think of the people that participated with the 1897-1997 quilt for Grand Forks. I was the coordinator of that quilt, but in the end, decided to have my name left off the brass plaque that was made for the quilt. This quilt was organized through Sunshine Valley W.I.

 The whole project is in the care of City of Grand Forks. 

If you have a  blog, that's even better then we can link up? Please pass this on to anyone who has been involved in a centennial quilt. I'd love to hear from you and how things went, who was involved and photos too?

contact me at carli the quilter (at) gmail (dot) com

The background color of the quilt will be black. Terri at BV Cleaners has begun the very precise work of machine embroidery for the 'Town of Smithers" and lower in the quilt, "1913 - 2013" Gold colored thread is being used for this and it will be awesome, Terri is so talented.

I intend to embellish the black background with hand embroidery for our beloved Grand Trunk Railway, now CN Rail. What would a centennial quilt be without this very important part of our history? Just the train you see here below will be used, not the 60 part of the logo. This logo was done by Terry Kline. Thanks to you, Terry, where ever you are.

The train in this logo done by a local artist I'm sure, comes directly from the book "Smithers Swamp to Village"

I keep plodding along, see the Babine Range taking shape here in the photo above. I've been so inspired my Monika of My Sweet Prairie blog and by City Wilderness quilter who share their beautiful artwork for the world to see. They inspire me!

But OMG, suddenly I'm overcome with the idea that people will think my beginner work of thread art is anywhere near as good as these two ladies!! Trust me it won't be, but I'll do my best. I'm always up for a challenge, I think challenges keep you young!

 In between work on the centennial quilt, I take break and want to finish some other projects I've had the go for a while now, such as my jewelry quilt. Yes, that's right, I made a quilt to will hang on the wall and be my quick and easy spot for putting away my jewelry. I'm sure, you'll see a tutorial for this jewelry quilt here on my blog really soon!

 Then my husband loves his Canadian Birds Quilt so much that he suggested I make one for myself. Seeing that he's not giving up ownership of this very lovely Stack and Whack Dresden Plate quilt. I started playing around with the many dresden plates already done to see what I can come up with for this new quilt for me. I started with this one below.

 I'm not sure though, any thoughts or suggestions you might have would be much appreciated.

Then as Christmas is coming, I have started into my annual 
"Girlfriends are Forever" round of hand made gifts.

This little table runner will find a new home this Christmas! This was so fun to make, I'm going to be offering this as a fund raising quilting class for BV Modern Quilters in the new year.

Below, these fat quarters are picked out for a special friend.

Then my ongoing crazy quilts, (sound familiar?)from this one started earlier in the summer with my weekend away at the lake.

This has a tropical feel to it from my standpoint. More on this one in another posting.

Then this green crazy piecing is set for a modern layout, more on this one in progress later.

So when people ask, 'how's things going?" I should just hand out a business card to my blog! I'm busier than a two headed wood pecker at pine beetle killed forest!

Good to connect, thanks so much for  being interested enough in what I'm up to to follow me.



  1. Well, Carli, you have so much going, I'm exhausted just reading your post! Great idea, the jewelry quilt. and I really like the tropical quilt and the last blues quilt. Your Dresden plate block has a lot of potential with the dark plaid background (very original!), but I think I'd take out the pink gingham piece as it draws too much attention to itself and detracts from the other fabrics.
    And good luck with the centennial quilt--it's quite a commitment, as you already know.
    best, nadia


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