Victoria's Modern T-Shirt Quilt & Modern Organic Giveaway

 I just love working with the personalized history in t-shirts of my commissioned clients. Recently, Victoria contacted me about making a t-shirt quilt for her....she's off to university!
I started by stabilizing each t-shirt with an iron on fusible webbing on the back of each logo to be used.

This is where it starts!

I spend time thinking about the events that may have contributed to the events portrayed in the logo. I use organic cotton and decided that a 'modern' approach to this quilt was needed.

I began with piecing varied backgrounds onto the logos in the colors of hot pink, black, light blue and lime green.

As you can see in this photo, the blocks sort of take on a life of their own into sections. This part progressed quite fast. Once all the blocks appropriately start working together, then the sections are created waiting for the backings to be created to sandwiching with the front sections!

The backing sections grow in a modern way, telling their story as we go. I wanted lots of 'negative' space in the backing sections for Victoria's quilt.

All the logos are of an 'envirothon' theme so this young lady has been having a time attending various events. You can see from below photo, that the front section is peaking out at the bottom, I always make the backing sections slightly larger than the front.

Eventually the sections are created back and front, then comes the machine quilting of all sections.

I love machine quilting just as much a hand quilting, its so much fun to add the final stitches in preparation for the finale machine quilting overtop the label to be sure no one can just take off the identifier of who the quilt belongs to.

 Then the label is hand sewn onto one of the backing sections and then the whole thing is completed in machine quilting.

 More machine quilting for those of us who love to see things up close and personal!

The finished quilt is definitely modern! I love this young lady's choices in colors.

I need to know what you're thinking of this creation? As the artist creating a commission piece you're always wondering if the creation is going to be loved and welcomed into their home.

Check out my Flickr pages for more photos of my quilts!

I'd love to have comments left here on my blog and one entry for each comment you leave. Tell me what you think of this t-shirt quilt, its modern theme and modern backing?
Victoria if you read this, I chose the grey cotton to highlight your color choices. Hoping you love it?

I'll give away a bundle of four fat quarters in lime green, hot pink,  black and light blue organic cotton!

Entry deadline is Sept 25th!

All the best,



  1. The colors are great, the back pulls it all together. I am sure Victoria is going love it! Thanks for sharing.

  2. You have created a wonderful quilt that I'm sure will be full of memories for Victoria. It is very modern and reminds me of those sign posts in far away places that have the license plates or whatever of everyone who has been there. I really like this quilt!

  3. I LOVE it. It is exactly like something I would make. It would make use of tshirt fabric that might otherwise be thrown away.

  4. Hi, Carli. I don't want to win anything, but this is a really cool quilt and it looks like it will stand up to university life. I like the choice of gray to pull it together and the back is interesting as well.
    best, nadia


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