Good Feeling Friendship Quilt

Sometimes, when a call comes related to friends with health issues, its like a 'call to arms'. That call came last year and the members of the Quick Women's Institute, gathered for a one day marathon of quilting!

A former member needed the comfort of our love and respect wrapped and stitched into a quilt!

Below member Bonnie is pinning the next set of sashing to the sewn row of blocks in preparation for sewing it down and proceeding onto the next row.

Our fearless quilting related leader, mainly me, organized a fast quilt as  you go block by block quilt!
This entails simply starting with any size of blocks, I prefer 12.5 in squares. Add a 13 in. square of batting and backing. I like to have the backing and batting slightly bigger to offset changes once machine quilting is done.

This process is NOT your mama's hand made quilt!

Its a fast version that is the one I turn to when time is of the essence. 
You start with precut blocks, batting and backing blocks.
Press 1/4 in. over on one side of each 1.75 in. wide sashing, its not important to have everything all precisely measured on the sashing length, just make it longer than the row you are sewing it onto. Repeat for the other side and pin these two sashing pieces to the either rough edges of the rows of machine quilted blocks as mentioned above. 


 I'm focused on my sewing on the sashing as the whole entire quilt begins to take shape over one day! Bonnie is my trusty  helper holding the size and weight of the quilt for me. But I've done it myself without any help many times, so its something you can tackle yourself.

We started with donations of fat quarters in blue prints or tones. We purchased snuggle-y flannel backing and cotton batting. 

Here is our group of members who participated in our "Master Blaster Fast Quilt" project closed, constructed between 9:30 am and 5 pm on one sunny, fall day!

Well done, ladies and good friends, Quick Women's Institute rises again to the occasion.
Members present are left to right Nola,  Denise, Bonnie, Laurie and I kneeling on the floor! Webster, Nola black lab looks on very approvingly!

If you'd like to see the whole process laid out in a tutorial, leave a comment! Let me know if you've tried this style of fast quilting?

All the best,



  1. It turned out so nicely and it looks as though you had a wonderful crew to help out.

  2. We sure do have a great crew, our new year starts this month and we're up and running!


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