EZ Dresden Challenge Entrant

Dresden Plate fan blocks are one of my favorites!

As you can see I have several in progress. I have grown though as a quilter and artist in the last year or two, more so than at any time of my life and blogging responses have fueled my fire.

What I love about blogging is the instant responses you get as the world of readers scroll through interesting blogs. If your stuff is interesting to them, then they say so. Readers of blogs are "why" many of us keep working towards dreams, ideas and projects. Then sharing and engaging with our readers and the world.
The Salt Lake Modern Quilt Guild started back in June with this Challenge and have partnered with EZ Quilting/Simplicity and a host of other manufacturers to celebrate Darlene Zimmerman’s 20th Anniversary designing quilting tools for EZ Quilting. To help them celebrate they are hosting a challenge — Use the EZ Dresden Ruler to create a project, then enter it to win amazing prizes from our sponsors!

And I'm entering the contest! With my Canadian Birds quilt!

My epic long Canadian Birds Quilt is my entry into the EZ Dresden Challenge. Using my own template from cardboard I can still enter the contest! 

 This quilt has been waiting for me to finish it for quite sometime. You can read the whole story here.

You don't have to have made your entry with Darlene's super hand ruler made specifically for Dresden Fans, so you can enter too.

 I wish I had known of this template ruler!!

If you haven't heard of Darlene Zimmerman, then you need to popover to  her blog and read more about her interesting and inspiring career in quilting. Wow, makes me want to get going!!

All the best,



  1. Oh, my goodness, Caroline, this quilt is absolutely gorgeous!!

  2. What a wonderful quilt! I love the spinning motion you get from the way you placed the prints in each plate. Beautiful. And good luck!

  3. That quilt is stunning!!!

    I have always loved the Dresden Plate quilts and I see the four pieced background of those plates adds a whole new dimension to the plates. Wonderful!

  4. Wow! I especially like the baptist fan quilting in the borders and the fussy cut dresden blades!

  5. Hello ladies,
    Wow back to all of you. This quilt is a very special quilt. Its not that difficult to make either, just loads of patience and love!

    Thanks for all the great support and good wishes!

  6. This is a beautiful quilt!! Great job.

  7. Oh well, Jack, I will have to move on and be happy with all of your kind comments!

  8. Wow, what an amazing and beautiful quilt! I really like the colors.


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