T-Shirt Quilts-Sew Much Fun

Time is flying by and the t-shirt quilt orders are coming in. You knew that I made all sorts of quilted items and making T-shirt quilts are so personal.

This one was made for a  young woman who loves to ski! Her Mom commissioned me to make this in crisp winter colors for her daughter's home in Whistler.

When I make t-shirt quilts its like I get to know the person a little bit. Simply by the choices in t-shirts they buy.

And the varied backings I use to finish my t-shirt quilts.

Here is a recent starting place for another t-shirt quilt. I am  not a production line type artist, I take the time each quilt needs to speak of the full spirit of the person the quilt is intended for, such as this next one is for a young lady who is environmentally focused and I'm so pleased that she picked me to make this special going to university quilt for her.

This photo is just the starting point of where I've stabilized the t's and starting to make decisions about how they all go together. Much more work to do before the next post on its completion.

Her color choices were hot pink, black, light blue and lime green solid color in organic cotton fro Robert Kaufmann. I have all these colors and more. This modern quilt below is using organic cotton prints from Cloud9 Fabrics.

Then all quilts come to the end and I must part with them. This photo is taken on the Quick Bridge over Bulkley River with my friends who happened to be walking by!

I'm the blond in purple. Thank You girlfriends!
All the best,


  1. T-shirt quilts really are the most personal style of quilt ever. Good for you to help these people enjoy their t-shirts longer!

  2. This cool! personalized T-shirts quilts are just fun to look at...


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