World Environment Day- Pipeline Art

 My quilt is done for the Pipeline Art Exhibit around the protest of Enbridge's Proposed Pipeline through pristine wilderness, farms and communities, rivers are our life blood!

 My home  is located on the beautiful Bulkley Valley. The rich, alive and responsive Bulkley River runs alongside our river campsite, at our home. I'm so lucky to have such a peaceful, tranquil place to live. We are surrounded by wilderness, ranchers, miners and families. We have plenty of open space, wild areas minutes from downtown Smithers, BC. We have lots of industry, mining and forestry and tourism. We have a few unemployed folks, but most are employed and moving ahead with their lives in the beautiful Bulkley Valley.

Unfortunately, The Bulkley River is one of those rivers that you might have heard about that is threatened  by potential spills from crude oil being transported from Alberta tar sands to the BC coastline by Enbridge for freighter trips across the Pacific Ocean.

What's wrong with that? What's at risk that those involved with Enbridge don't seem to know about or maybe the shareholders don't know or maybe they don't care? I live on one of those rivers that will be affected if a spill occurs. Many say that its not a question of 'if' but rather 'when' a spill will occur.

This quilt began as a way for me to say my piece in textiles.

I tried to  interpret the various ways that we use the land and the colors picked are organic cotton solids from my studio. I wanted to remind the viewer that the countryside is colorful, vibrant and full of life. The blue water and blood red implies that this area was raised from the ground with blood, sweat and tears.

When you actually live in a place is threatened. Its like suddenly an oncoming train, complete with all the dangers involved are coming too!

I don't hear anything from Enbridge, except what is reported on the CBC Radio. Lately, CBC reported that 60% of the First Nations communities along the 1200 kms route, have signed on to enjoy the profits and from the way I see things, that can't be true!

According to local First Nations leaders, this is not the case, most appose this pipeline.

I continue to reflect on my own future. Our property is a jewel on the Bulkley River, any fly fisher traveling for thousands of miles to get here each year would love to live where we live. Our soil, harvest and hand raised meat chickens are perfecting safe from pollutants because of where we live. We don't use chemicals on our property. Our laundry detergent is Biovert, the best chemical free, natural and Canadian made detergent from Quebec. I use their hand dish washing detergent, general cleaning and laundry. I've been a long time user since 1994 when I first found it at a little shop in Oosoyoos, BC. I totally recommend it. When I moved to Telkwa, I went to the health food store and asked them to get it in for me, now they sell all the fine list of products from Biovert.

I juggled and moved things around on my design wall. I read more on what the whole pipeline will look like and how close my home this will come. If you go to this map, I see my google location as right on the red line. That's  how close my home is to the pipeline.

Houses became important to signify the families and communities that are here. I felt this was  important because I've heard it reported that the proposed pipeline is taking a route far away from towns. What rubbish!

 This layout is starting to feel like its saying the things I want said!

Its a scary thing to live so close to such a danger. Who would have thought that so far from anything, that my home territory would become at risk.

I'm so glad to have found a perfect home for Sonja Callaghan's paper piecing "Little Fox" from her paper piecing Artisania's online blog. Links to her shop is listed on this blog.

 The Bulkley River is steps away behind this quilt. My world would be changed forever if a spill hit the Morice River which feeds Bulkley River just a few kms up river.

The black face silhouette and black sashing represent the black crude oil that will spill into the wild areas, salmon spawning rivers and the lively-hood of thousands of people that guide, take tours, recreate in this area.

All the best,



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