New Design on the wall "Wood Walk"

Hello everyone, so glad you dropped by to see what's  happening in my studio!

Just a few little things are on the go and some really big things too!

 I've called this new pattern "Wood Walk" and its the quilt that it will be the 2nd installment of online workshops starting in September.  This is just the starting photo and this new design that reminds me of the woodsey feel I get when I walk along our very rural road. You can hear the birds just singing away, the green lush leaves on the poplar, willow trees. The saskatoon shrubs are in full bloom, my freezer is waiting for their lovely berries for winter goodness.

 Also, what's happening is my tutorial on Camper Curtains. I chose "Chain Links" from the Shades of Grey collection of Daisy Janie.

I married the Daisy Janie fabric with an older outdoorsy print of Sue Marsh from Marcus Bros. Inc.

Of course, I should have known that I had not recently cleaned my sewing machine and yes, it really messed up the tension and I had to some cleaning before going anywhere else. I found an awesome tutorial on cleaning your sewing machine over at Craft Nectar blog.

 Then last, but not least, I've started onto my Protest Skirt and you'll see a tutorial for making your very own protest skirt here very soon.This is very easy, a great for beginners who are keen to have a new skirt with attitude for the summer!


  1. I like the Wood Walk blocks. Should be a great looking quilt!

  2. Thanks Peter, they are fun and remind me of log cabins of a sort.

  3. Looks like a good start on some worthwhile projects!

  4. Yes, more to come! Loved your latest efforts, can hardly wait to see how that turns out. I tried to leave this message yesterday on your blog and it wouldn't load my identity!

  5. Awesone to everything! Yes - DON'T drink bottled water. : ) Bravo!
    sewing in Saskatoon

    1. Yeh, another non bottled water person. Thanks for your kind comments. I'm getting up early tomorrow and going to gather up a cup of tea and check out more of your blog!


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