My Life is CraZy!

I stand with my hands on my hips, the garden is in and organized, the sun shone all around me, as I listened to the sweet sound of songbirds. 

1. I'm hand quilting a king size quilt, with a deadline of June 30 to add it into the local quilt show! As of today, I've still got three borders and two corners to go. I started in late December 2011.

2. As the leader of the pack of artists who have rallied around making a once in a lifetime quilt, the deadline for all the artists to have their block handed in to me is June 30th also! 
I'm not showing the blocks yet, just the one I'm making and this is it. Its a bust of Sir Alfred Smithers who our  main town of Smithers is named after. He was in the employ of Grand Trunk Railway and assisted in the completion of the railroad which helped promote the growth and development of Smithers in the Northwest BC region. For more information, you can visit our local

 I'm not a 100% happy with this yet, but what do you think? Please give me some feedback here?

 It started out with transferring the actual photocopy of the ONLY photo I could find of our illustrious namesake and so.....

 I had this really lovely and very exciting book arrive at Christmas time. Serendipity Quilts by Susan Carlson. Its definitely one book, I'd recommend if you are looking for a new adventure in quilting and so I leafed through it, read it from cover to cover and thought maybe....Oh maybe, I can do this!

 So being a good student, I made a swirling pattern as per her first exercise. I like this technique!

3. Myself and two other really good friends decided to get the first non-profit guild going in Smithers/Telkwa area and so this organization, programming etc and our big event of an Earth Day event to be  held in October of this year, is in the works!

The Bulkley Valley Modern Quilt Guild is happening and we're taking a wee bit of an hiatus until September, so we can all find ourselves and move through summer with a smile on our face! If you live local to me, then please contact me for more information about our new guild here.

4. Since I'm a addict of textiles, I am seeking a job to help pay for my habit.

5. I have at least 3 new patterns almost ready to share and these are being worked on as my life goes on. One of my new patterns was the cover of the Winter issue of Quilters Connection.

I decided to answer the questions for participating in the Blog Hop linking party with a little poem.
Join others to link up and read up, meet old friends and follow some new one ones!

Crafty Women Unite!

If I was trapped on a deserted island,
In the middle of the sea,
I'd take along the supplies of my quilting hand,
Leaving my hubby, to wonder which island is stocked with fabric and glee,

"If" is a funny word, but my hubby knows better than use "if"
Because it makes me all squirmy and bloated,
Like the time we had a tiff,
on the side of road as our car, floated....

I'd take a strong iced rum coffee,
Two best friends and call it a 'Road Trip"
To the big apple of Northern BC
Prince George Michaels location, would loom large, on the strip

Shops and thrift stores, with little old ladies asking for our help!
I'd stick the ear plugs in and not wind the window down,
Or hide the evidence of lunch at a fast food joint,
I'd bury the disaster of crafts quietly in the dumpster in a long lost town!

By Carli Heinrichs 2012


  1. I can see why the serendipity idea would appeal to you! Looks fun.

    You have alot on your plate right now! Getting that handquilting done will be a major accomplishment. Wishing you luck!

    1. No kidding, I'm a nut for punishment, but I'm not confident that the king size quilt will get done by June 30th. Its coming along, but life gets in the way and I have to laugh. But at least I try!

  2. Goodness me Caroline! You are one talented lady, I'm sure you will get that quilting done, just relax and don't rush!
    A poem too, I must say an iced rum coffee sounds perfect right now.

  3. Thanks for dropping by/following me and so comforting to know that you think I'm talented. I'm having a dark day of wondering if I've taken on too much. Its reassuring to hear this encouragement.


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