Jewels in July-A Quilting Gem

Our local community of Smithers, B.C. is a busy, energetic place in the summer. Our local BV Farmer's Market opens on the Saturday before Mother's Day each year. Families, locals and tourists enjoy the Highway 16 location rain or shine!

Once every two years, our local Smithers Art Gallery hosts a local quilt show. Locals this year will gather to drop off, help out and celebrate in the wonder of local talented quilters on June 30th with meeting and handing over families heirlooms and recent completes. 

No one really cares what your level of quilting competency, just so long as you've made a quilt, we're good. We're a lively and laid back group of people who inhabit this region. Multicultural and first nations live side by side. We're miners, loggers, business people, artists and sport enthusiast alike. 

We don't hold too many airs of our thriving community in the midst of changing environments, threats to  habitat, sluggish economy or global warming. We are aware, active and focused, alive comes to mind. This view below is from atop one of the mountains off Lawson Rd, its cloudy on this day and mysteriously wild.

I'm taking part in this years quilting celebration with two quilts close to my heart. One is my recent complete quilts entitled "Gramma's Stitchn'" and its my personal quilt. I imagine this wrapped around when I'm too old to care and too far gone to do anymore stitching. Hopefully, that is still a long way down the road. 

What have you done for your later years, when you are not able to be as active as you are today?

I love making one of a kind quilts!!

Yes, I admit it, I'm a hopeless original thinker! I always start out making a quilt with some sort of potential new pattern in mind. But then life gets in the way as with this one. I've had some  interest in people wanting a pattern for both these quilts. 

Is this a quilt that you'd make for yourself? If so please comment and let me know?

Above is my complete king size quilt. I did get it done for hand quilting by the deadline of June 30th, more on this paticular quilt in the "Canadian Birds Quilt"

Our quilt show needs help and its more than likely that the newly formed BV Modern Quilt Guild will provide support for this event providing a great opportunity for new collaboration.

What do you think? Is it a collaboration you participate in for your community? What kinds of volunteering do you do for a quilt show?

Let me know what you do, I'm curious!
Having a sweet summer despite clouds!

Take care, Carli


  1. What a great community tradition! Your quilts for thi year look fabulous! We live in Southern Alberta, not that far away in Canadian terms. Practically neighbors.june 30th is just a few days away, I hope you have fun. Fireworks too just to wrap it all up? It is the July 1st long weekend anyway!

    1. Peter, heh, you are Canadian? How cool is that! Alberta, gosh we're nieghbours for sure, and not that far away, maybe you should think about planning to come to Smithers on our centennial year of 2013?
      Very cool times planned for the August long weekend, book your accommodation soon?

  2. have fun...i can't make it although we are in the same neck of the woods...we are heading north to ft st john to visit that granddaughter...enjoy the show

  3. My goodness, local folks following my blog, I am truly flattered! I'm helping out on July 2, its all open to the public on July 3rd and we're having a fun evening opening on July July 6th.

    Thanks so much for commenting and enjoy our Canada Day! Where ever you are!

  4. One of a kind quilts really are the best! There's just no way to duplicate them when you used gifted, thrifted and repurposed fabrics. I especially like your Drunkard's Path quilt.

  5. Debra, me too, I intend to make many more Drunkard's Path quilts for sure. I find they are so well in tune with scraps, thrifted, etc little chunks.

    Thanks for your kind support.



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