Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Cooking from the Boonies

You know I live in the boonies and I love the simple life of raising our chickens, tending to and mucking out the layers three times a year, its about being close to my food!

I'm a modern quilter and really excited about our upcoming September start back at quilting with other members of the BV Modern Quilt Guild in Smithers/Telkwa and my friend and one of our members is Kirsten, who's  fish biologist by day and damn great cook by night!

This is her second quilt and one of her modern ideas, can hardly wait to see how this turns out.

 I like basic food, without preservatives, raw is preferred except meat and potatoes.

A view of our garden.

 My  hubby Rick, with a 27 lb spring salmon, caught moments before this photo in the Skeena River.

But what about cooking in the boonies. Which when you live northern life, often the boonies where you live and cooking has to be superb and gourmet, even in the boonies.

I recommend you check out the blog "Cooking in the Boonies" done by Kirsten, my friend and fellow quilter.

Get ready to BBQ!


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