Australian Distractions

How does one find the time to do everything in life?

The "girls" don't seem have a problem with this. They are just as happy to dust in organic soil and carry on with their life! I'm thinking they are right!

About 2 months ago, our neighbors took a 4 week vacation to Australia. I was asked if I could watch over their house and take care of their two cats, Hecate and Seven. I'm sorry I don't have a photo of these two cats because they are slightly photo shy and run everywhere.
But I can share with you, my lovely Cloe, who was a stray and now resides with us!

I have a special interest in Australia! I've always wanted to travel there, maybe even live there for a while, but alas, Australia has escaped me. I read several blogs that originate from the sandy shores or hot baked dry parts of Australia and thought this was perhaps the best time to say 'Hello from Canada"

The first one is where most recently she had an excellent post on herbs you can grow at home for tea! Do go and follow her, she has such great information regarding living a natural life with the minimum impact.

The second one is a fabulous knitter who has her finger on the pulse of knitting. I love her inventive ways that she uses yarn and her designs are exceptional!

But when it comes to distractions lately, the garden preparation has taken the entire distraction to the limit. We have a small window of a growing season here in Northern Canada to say the least, that's why when you live here, its run like heck and get it in, harvested and preserved before the snow flies again. Of course, we have a lovely summer, but its short!

 Last night our neighbors brought by a lovely gift for me, the "Cat Keeper" to say 'thank you' and look at this distraction!

I've always wanted a tea towel of Australia, I love the movie "Australia" and as I mentioned before, that I'd love to visit sometime. But then also a lovely hand potted sugar dish with a cute little lid. And a ecosystem calendar from Australia.

What a lovely gift! Now, my mind is working up a new quilt with tea towel in it. More on that later.

What would you do with a brand new tea towel for a quilt? Perhaps my gal pal would tear it up and knit a rug!

I enjoy reading comments and thanks so much for following my blog.

All the best,



  1. I like to use linen towels in the kitchen for hand drying. But, I could be persuaded to use one for a medallion quilt.

  2. Debra is that a new blog along idea? We could start on a certain date and keep blogging updates on this medallion quilt! Finale on both our blogs would be fun for both our readers.

    All the best,


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