Upcycle Competition-Creative Festival

I made the suggestion of an "Upcycle Quilt Category" to the board of directors of Canadian Quilters Assn in 2005. It was rejected.

Thank goodness to all of those quilters and crafters out there that have embraced reusing and made lovely new things from reuse items.

Society today needs more events to celebrate how we can individually deliver a smaller footprint on the world. 
We have many of these types of ways going on, such as with the "Bicycle to Work" Being green never was easier! Being green today for quilters has never been easier either. Thousands of mature quilters are hanging up their massive stash and moving to less taxing activities. Not to say that some handwork or hand quilting might still be going on with our elders who remember what it was like before we had fabric stores in every town and city.

Would you like to enter a competition for "Upcycled?"

Tell me you will enter something?

Would you like to have your reused fabric creations with a ribbon it?

Wouldn't you like to have a special item made for you?

Yeh, for the organizers of Creativ festival! This is company showing the world that reusing is fun, beautiful and its helping to keep good cloth in the hands of maker's!

Want to win a little parcel of beautiful vintage cloth? Its easy, spread the word and come back here and tell me what did to spread the word. I'll keep track of how many comments I get and the winner will receive a nice bundle of vintage cloth from my own stash!

I reused a firm brochure for the paper for this english paper piecing for a Grandma's Garden Hexagon flower! You can too!

All the best,



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