Two Hour "Slice and Dice" Table Runner Tutorial

1. Start with 3 Fat Quarters, 1 focus fabric, 1 complimentary and 1 sparkle fabrics, lay each on top of each other in a stack. 
2. Make two slightly off kilter cuts across and through the whole stack.
3.  Take the first one from the bottom of stack #1 from the left side, place it on top of same stack.
4. Take the bottom two from the center stack and place on top of center stack.
5. Leave the last stack alone.
6. Sew each layer as the fabrics are laid out and make into slightly off kilter blocks. 

 7. Trim the blocks to whatever size the layered stack is, making sure to use as much of the fabric as possible. You may have to peak into the layers to be sure you've got all three layers.

 Once the blocks are sewn together, they form a nifty, fast table runner! Yeh for fast when you're called upon to make a fast donation product or as a last minute gift!

 I used about 1.5 m. of one of the same fabrics for the backing. What I love about this is all of these fabrics are certified GOTS organic cotton from Cloud9 Fabrics. I love the feel of Cloud9 Fabrics and stock organic in my studio for my clients who want only organic cotton in a custom quilt.

What kind of nifty table runners will you make with this fast tutorial?

I'd love to see a link  back to my blog if you post about it?

Give Away for Linking Up

If you do post about this table runner, include a link back to my blog in your post. Then come back  here,  join up with following my blog and leave me a comment telling me so, you enter to win 3 Fat Quarters from one of my organic quilting cotton collections in my studio Good Earth Quilting.

The winner will be selected by random draw on May 30th, 2012


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