Purple Crazy Quilt Inspiration

One of my favorite colors is purple. I love deep dark purple, burgundy and deep rust colors. In 1985 I created quite a stir for my own wedding dress that had deep rust colored velvet in the bodice. Meadow flowers danced on beige background cotton, low bodice with laces on the front of the bodice. It was not white!

So how I came to be inspired to make the Purple Crazy now in a private collection  here in the Bulkley Valley.

See the center of this block with the "winged dancers" with a multi colored background? The slight purple colors in this background was the start of the choices I made along the way towards the finished quilt.

As I have progressed with crazy quilting, I have become less focused on following the seams with embroidery or other embellishment.

I tend to let go and fall off the seam into the main area.

Following your bliss is an excellent start, reusing embellished clothing items is a handy way to import some embroidery without the time to do it  by hand.

Sorry this photo is smudged, but I kept it here because it gives you a good look at the way I combine hand stitching with machine stitching. I think it gives a different kind of expression to my work.

What I would differently is that I'll be very sure that the quilt block is butted up against the other edge tightly. This will overcome the lax shape of the sashing.
I'm not happy with this part of that quilt.

I like the import of beads randomly stitched into the piece. Taking the time to let it go without always balancing everything is good for the soul.

Metallic threads, wool yarn, floss and perle cotton threads are used as I see fit.

You can too, be bold, let go and don't think too much, let your creative urges come out in threads.

These are all the things that inspired the Purple Crazy Quilt. Hope you enjoyed this up close and personal journey of crazy quilting.

All the  best,



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