Mother's Day Weekend-My Choice

 My whole Mother's Day weekend was a total distraction and blast of back-roading fun and adventure! Here's how it all panned out. 
I thought I'd take along some hand work to maybe play with if fishing was going good for Rick, but as it turned out, I didn't even get to it.

Living here in Northern BC, we always have a check in a friend, just in case we aren't seen again, someone can at least know where we went. We headed out after breakfast down the Lawson Rd and onto the Houston Mainline, which is a very fast, almost smooth main logging truck highway. Its gravel and you can actually drive at speeds of 100km's on this gravel highway.

As you can see from these two photo's, we ran into not just one blow down across the road to Poplar Lake, but 4 times, we lugged the branches and logs out of the way. But then came this one! It was a doozey!
My hubby had brought his chain saw, (just in case of this) and on this last one, his patience of the whole "logging thing" was running a little less than perfect.
Then spring goes the saw chain, off its track and we' re still not able to cross.
So out came the ropes and our trusty rugged Chev 250 pulled the tree away in no trouble.

 At the south end of Poplar Lake, you'll find a free BC Forest Service campsite, with picnic tables, the outhouse and plenty of spaces. But look at the lake, its still got ice on the surface!

But apparantly, this timing is really the best for fishing for rainbow trout. They are eager to see the real sunlight after a long winter and are biting!

Rusty our dog, was pretty interested in the geese, and the fishing and well, she was so excited, lets face it, she was excited about everything!

We wondered along home later in the day and found this hunter's cabin frame, just waiting for the canvas of a fall hunt site. Pretty interesting architecture!

 As I mentioned, the main line is for fast delivery of logging trucks with the thousands of loads of logs for the two main mills in Houston, BC, Houston Forest Products and Canfor Mill which is the world's largest mill. They need a lot of wood to keep going. Foresty is on a decline due to many factors, including the Mountain Pine Beetle kills here in the north.

 Do you have a favorite place that when you are coming home to your local area that is your favorite place? I do and this is it. This is coming down what is known as Hungry Hill on Highway 16 and you can see the whole valley spread out in front of you and its always what makes me go "Auhh! We're home again!"

This is a view I wake up to every morning. Hudson Bay Mountain, where we have world class downhill skiing and you can see the runs on the left of this photo. Really, you should visit us here, its like living  in the Himalaya's or something, mountains are in every direction.

I came home to a lovely warm almost summer evening on the farm! Then we got up on Sunday morning, pottered around in the garden, had breaks with beer at the riverside and went out to a movie in the evening.

Now, for the fun stuff of my day. I opened up my email to one of my favorite  bloggers, Fairy Face Designs who is introducing a new online shop for modern fabric called Fluffy Sheep Quilting
and this new shop has offered some awesome giveaways! So head on over there!
My goodness, it gets harder to resist buying new fabric, Happy Mother's Day to you all!

All the best,



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